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Who or what is 3DC.org.uk

Well, we're Social Technologists!

3DC are a social technology company, which means that all the profits from our consultancy, web site development, hosting and domain registration is re invested into the company to enhance our support to community projects and the small businesses in our communities.

    • We provide consultancy to groups and agencies on setting up web sites and on how to use them.
    • We develop web sites and offer a simple to use, but powerful CMS (Content Management System), a way of easily updating your web site.
    • We register domain names and host the web site for you.
    • We provide support in the continuing development of your web site.

So we say:  "Web Sites without tears..."


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What should I do first here?

Cut to the chase!

You want a web site! OK! Click here and fill in the form! Once you do this we'll get back to you with a few questions and possibly an idea of a web site for you to look at!

"It can't possibly be that easy?", yes it is, well this stage, the next stage is a bit trickier but we'll help you do this too. The next stage, in case you were wondering is "CONTENT"!

I'm cautious and want to check for the hidden catch!

No fooling you is there! OK, we have listed the hidden catches for you to review, click here!

What's all this about?

Yeah, we get asked this a lot, here we go, get the low down, click here!