The long bit....

It's been stated throughout this web site, however, to bring it all together.....

3dc is the trading arm of, a community venture and 3DC is better known as a social enterprise company, which means that all the profits are re invested to strengthen and support our aims.

The premise....

Here is the premise, groups and small businesses need to get online! (If you just said "no they don't" then you are wrong, but we'll let others tell you why!) For most groups and small businesses it can be expensive and a hit or miss affair (mainly miss!) to get a good web site and start your online experience!

We know of many groups and businesses that have spent £'000 and went no where.

We are a mixture of geeky and business do Geeksgooders who thought we could help! We have the know how, we've been here since 1996 and we've helped develop many web sites, we're in and about the internet everyday! So we asked ourselves, "what would we want from someone when we were starting out?"


Well, we would want a good web site not a cheap or amatuer looking one!


We don't want to pay for anything until we know it works for us


We don't want to have to produce a business plan just to get a small grant to get a web site, we know most businesses or groups don't have one yet.


We want someone to help us and let us know what's right and wrong in getting it running.... for free!


We don't want someone who'll disappear and leave us in the lurch

So what we give you is a web site, hosted and supported. The cost is £50 per annum and that includes your UK domain name.

Now your saying "how can we do this for next to nothing or nothing? What's the catch?" It's a good question and one we would ask too if we were in your position!

We do make a profit on the project, but the profit margin supports our technical set up allowing us to extend our services to others. We understand the market and we can reasonably predict what support requirements will come up in the first few months, (we've been doing this for a while). So we can do it and we do do it! (too many do's, we know but we are geeks at heart)

Special projects

We have projects near and dear to our hearts and since we are in Renfrewshire we support groups and businesses here. Usually free too!

That's us.... if we haven't answered your question feel free to ask one. Surf the site, we all had a hand in creating it, but that story could fill a web site on it's own.

The quick bit....

    • InBishopton is a community web site and is the profit making arm of it.

    • The profits generated are re invested back into the group.

    • We work closely with many groups and operate community web sites for the benefit of the people in the community.

    • All surpluses made are re invested back into the running costs of the project and the creation of new services. Check the Network section!

    • We are a constituted group and are happy to lend our expertise to others to complement projects.

    • Domain Names registered by us on your behalf are administered by us but are your property!

    • If you would like to make a donation towards our running costs we would be grateful. Even a pound can make a difference to us.

    • Donations are acknowledged, with your permission on the appropriate web site operated by us or here.

    • Donations can be made using any of the methods on the Payments section - see the menu!

A quote that inspires us from the late great Arthur C. Clarke (well we are geeks)

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.

  - Arthur C. Clarke Logo