The Agreement between you and us

Welcome everyone

The web sites we create for you come with an assurance, we'll do our best to maintain the integrity of the servers we use, that’s the internet computer we put the sites on so everyone can look at them.

Our Servers

The server is a computer that is connected to the internet 24/7 on which we place your web site

Our own sites, including this one, are on our own servers and so far, touch wood, they have been serving us well without a hitch, the proverbial 99.99% up time!

We back the servers up for security and they are updated when needed.

We monitor the bandwidth use and ensure that your, and our, visitors get a fast browsing experience.

The "Technocockup" bit

Computers do cock up, a sad fact of life! So in  the event of something going wrong with the server we will do everything to get the server back on line and everything back the way it was, however, we can't be held responsible for the unknown, and this you need to accept. Remember that if your web site is down so is ours, we won't be slow getting the error corrected.


So in short, we cannot be held responsible for your web site disappearing but we'll be sweating blood getting it back up.

Just to let you know, in the event of a catastrophic loss of service the order we put the web sites back on is as follows:


Those customers that pay us to do this, they help us pay for all our services!


Everyone else who has a web site with us.


Our own web sites (bar this one - we will publish information about how the loss happened and what we did to rectify it).


If the servers go down you might lose any emails stored on the servers, for this we are sorry, hopefully the back up will have saved them but that depends upon when the back up happens (once ever 24 hours).

That’s the server stuff done now for the web sites!

Web Sites

Why we do free and inexpensive web sites is best left to other pages, there is no catch, the only agenda is to get you online!

So then, web sites... OK, first I'll answer a couple of questions people always ask.

Your web site

The web site is yours to keep, if you want to take it away we'll send this to you, usually a downloadable link to a zip file!


The content you create is yours, the law says it is and who are we to argue with that!

Domain name

If you have bought a domain name through us, it is your property, if you want this transferred, simply let us know, we only look after it for you.

Domain Renewal

Domains are renewed yearly, if you don't want it, it'll be de tagged at the renewal date and go out to the market place (this takes a few months)

Content Management Systems

We back up the web sites, but... there is always a but... those who use the content management system maybe faced with the content missing, normally this is backed up, but lets think the worst! PLEASE KEEP A COPY of your content! (We keep each page  controlled with the CMS on a separate  text file so we can simply copy and paste it back in!


If you put anything on your web site that is inappropriate, we'll remove the site. "What's inappropriate?" Well, we ask that you use your common sense but here are some really broad hints:

  • Porn
  • Hate
  • Intimidation
  • Defamatory remarks
  • Illegal activity

Our Authority

This will sound harsh, and for that we are sorry, believe me we are so reluctant to do this but as a matter of last resort, we reserve the right to remove your web site without notice! We've never done it but we reserve that right!

If you have any questions or want clarification you can contact us by clicking on the "Contact Us" button from the menu system

If we are off line - that means you won't see this web site - and the server may be suffering from a Technocockup in such cases we have an alternative email address which is our GMail account:

3dcsupport @

I know you wont see this is we are off line but we have told you now, so if you don't copy this email address down now, well, won't you regret it later! If you have a web site from us, you'll get this email address in your Hosting Agreement we send you!