Customers are gold

The ethos at 3DC is to look after you because we know web sites can be daunting at first but once you've got to grips with them they are fun and a productive tool. It's important to keep a client so we take the strain out of the process by having a helping hand when you need it and, by reviewing your site on a regular basis, we offer hints and 'best practice' to keep the web site tip top  - you are never on your own. All this is done mainly by email however sometimes we'll talk you through a process and then there is the training classes!

  Web Sites Without Tears


Generally, and we have to be general here, our web sites are designed to be fast and responsive to your clients. We expect to be enhancing your site as we go take this journey.... as your skills and awareness increase you'll be in the driving seat, until then we'll explain the what and the why of what we do.

We are proactive here too, we'll suggest new ideas or services based on what you do or don't do with your web site!

There are a lot of factors to consider when you have a web site, sometimes people get anxious about the technology or if it's "working" - we'll take that burden on until you want to embrace it. It won't take long before your proficiency increases and, with both our help and others, develop an asset for your group or business.