Content Management Systems and documents

If you are looking to add a document to your web site for others to download, for instance, a brochure or committee minutes, it is really easy.

It's wise to add a link to Adobe if you are looking to use PDF's, just in case in the rare occasion that someone doesn't have it.

If you have never heard of PDF's (Portable Document Format), it is an internationally recognised format that allows you to create a document that:

  • Will be seen the way you want it to be seen.
  • It can't be altered easily

Governments and Institutions use this format for people to download and it's usually preloaded on new computers.

It's easy to create a PDF, download CutePDF for free and follow the instructions: CutePDF

Here are a couple of icons you can use to place on your page, however, if you are using a special page, it can be placed there


If you want one simply ask us to put one in for you!

To load documents onto your web site, follow these simple instructions:

Access your CMS editor the usual way

1. Type in the link statement, in this case I have typed AGM Minutes 2010

2. Highlight the text (or click on the image if you use an image), go to the hyperlink image on the toolbar, it's the chain icon!

3. You will see the Hyperlink Panel pop up on the screen.

4. Click on the folder icon on the right and select the document /image /file you want to share

5. In this example I have uploaded the PDF file AGM Minutes 2010. It will be highlighted if you just uploaded it represented by the yellow. If it's not highlighted simply click on it and the click on OK at the foot of the panel

6. You'll find yourself back at the hyperlink panel, leave the 'source' box empty and select 'blank'. You can also give the link a name in the title box

7. Click OK and then click on the link to test it, it'll open in a new window or tab ready to read or print!

All done!