Email Facilities

With a hosting agreement you get the facility of email with your domain name, this allows you to send and receive email with your domain name in the email address like

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It's far more professional to send and receive email via your domain name than using a Hotmail or Google account.

With all of our hosting accounts you get two types of email;


POP email, this gives you the ability to send and receive your email via an "email client", the most popular being Outlook, Outlook Express and Thunderbird.


Webmail, this is an online version of your email, you can access it when out and about. To access it you simply type in /webmail at the end of your domain name, then enter your email address and your password.

We offer two types of webmail:

  • 1. Horde and
  • 2. Squirrelmail

Horde is the most popular because it offers a comparative range of facilities that Outlook offers. Whilst Squirrelmail is the simplest of the two.

Our team uses Horde to co-ordinate support services for you. We schedule meetings (online - we're based around the globe!) and share information.

Setting up Email - Tutorials

You'll need to set up your email to use it.

We have on offer two "video tutorials" to help you, these are provided by our server hosts Lunarpages:


For customers who use Microsoft's Outlook program

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Outlook Express

For customers who use Microsoft's Outlook Express program

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windows 7 email

For customers who use Microsoft's  Windows 7 program

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Remember, if you get stuck we are just an email or a phone call away!

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