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Outlook Express


Outlook Express is the name of Microsoft's lightweight e-mail client that was included with Internet Explorer versions 4 through 6. It was bundled with Windows 98 to Windows XP. In Windows Vista, Outlook Express was replaced with Windows Mail

How do I set up my email in Outlook Express?

The following is a walk-through for setting up Outlook Express.

Go to Tools -> Accounts... -> Add...

Display Name: Usually your name

  • Email Address: Full email address (ir,
  • My incoming mail server is a [POP3 or IMAP] Server.
  • Incoming Mail (POP3, IMAP, HTTP) server:
  • Outgoing Mail (SMTP) server: (or your ISP outgoing SMTP server settings)
  • Account Name: Your full email address (ie,
  • Password: Your e-mail account password
  • Log in Using Secure Password Authentication is NOT checked.

Click Next and Finished.

Click Properties -> Servers Tab.

Make sure 'My Server requires authentication' IS checked ON

Click Apply, OK, OK.

The last step would be to test the e-mail account.