Packages are quite straight forward and designed to simplify the process.

We have the following packages and services:

The CMS Web Site Package:

A web site developed for your use, with a content management system (CMS) and our technical and business support services. Into this we provide a domain name.

Cost £50 per year

The Managed Web Site Package:

Like the CMS package, you get a web site, technical and business support and but where we update the web site for you! It's subject to a fair use policy, we can explain this to you!

Cost £150 per year

Domain Package:

Get your domain name registered with us. We will help you select the best name(s).'s &'s

one off £10 charge plus £10 per year

com's, .org's & .nets

one off £20 charge plus £15 per year



Other domains on application


We have a depth of knowledge on the Internet, Technology and Engagement. We can bring this to bear for your group.

We price this on a project by project basis

Special Projects

We have a social aspect to our operation and these involve enabling people, groups and businesses either in an area or in a sector. Currently we offer the following special projects:

Community Enabled

Community Groups

If you are based in Renfrewshire we are providing the CMS Web Site Package for the price of your domain name for the first year. Remember that your domain name is regisitered to you and that it's ownership belongs to you.

Business Enabled


There are some businesses out there that need to get up and running with a web site, even if it's just to say "We're here!" to existing and new custom. Business in Renfrewshire can get a mixture of CMS and Managed for the price of the CMS package.

With the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics coming to the UK chances are high that overseas visitors are researching places to visit and looking to buy locally produced goods and services. Scotland is in an excellent position to capitalise on the thousands coming to the UK.

Get a web site! - humour courtesy of